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Question 1: However, this is difficult to say, so the tone on is pronounced as (but still written nǐ in ________).
ISO/IEC 646ISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-8Pinyin

Question 2:
Sandhi, Phoneme and Syllable are all:
Phonology Phonaesthetics Sanskrit Vyakarana

Question 3:
Sandhi, P??ini and Vy?kara?a are all:
Phonaesthetics Vyakarana Phonology Sanskrit

Question 4: English pronunciations include /ˈsʌndi/ (identical with "Sunday" for some ________ speakers), /ˈsændi/ (like the first name "Sandy"), and /ˈsɑːndi/.
Canadian EnglishBritish EnglishEnglish languageAmerican English

Question 5: apply only in certain morphological and syntactic environments) and, over time, turn into ________.
EpenthesisPalatalizationConsonant mutationLenition

Question 6: Sandhi (________: saṃdhi "joining") is a cover term for a wide variety of phonological processes that occur at morpheme or word boundaries (thus belonging to what is called morphophonology).

Question 7:
Sandhi, Rhyme and Cellar door are all:
Phonaesthetics Phonology Sanskrit Vyakarana

Question 8:
Sandhi, Sanskrit and Vedic Sanskrit are all:
Sanskrit Phonaesthetics Phonology Vyakarana

Question 9: The Linking R of some dialects of English is a kind of external sandhi, as is the process called liaison in the ________ and raddoppiamento fonosintattico in Italian.
Spanish languagePortuguese languageFrench languageRomanian language

Question 10:
Sandhi, Ayodhya and Kama Sutra are all:
Vyakarana Sanskrit Sanskrit words and phrases Phonology

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