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Samuel von Pufendorf: Quiz


Question 1:
Samuel von Pufendorf, Alexander von Humboldt and Gottlob Frege are all:
1694 deaths University of Jena alumni German nobility German philosophers

Question 2: Educated at the ducal school (Fürstenschule) at Grimma, he was sent to study theology at the ________.
Aristotle University of ThessalonikiUniversity of CoimbraRuhr University BochumUniversity of Leipzig

Question 3: He mentally constructed a system of universal law; at the end of his captivity, he accompanied his pupils, the sons of Coyet, to the ________.
Leiden UniversityUniversity of GroningenUniversity of OxfordUtrecht University

Question 4: Its author directly challenged the organization of the ________, denounced in the strongest terms the faults of the house of Austria, and attacked with vigour the politics of the ecclesiastical princes.
FranciaHoly Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireGerman Empire

Question 5:
Samuel von Pufendorf, Carl Schmitt and Ferdinand Lassalle are all:
University of Jena alumni University of Leipzig alumni German jurists 17th-century Latin-language writers

Question 6:
Samuel von Pufendorf, Ren Descartes and Thomas Hobbes are all:
17th-century philosophers German philosophers 17th-century Latin-language writers 1694 deaths

Question 7:
Samuel von Pufendorf, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Wernher von Braun are all:
German philosophers 17th-century philosophers 1694 deaths German nobility

Question 8: Published under the cover of a pseudonym at ________ in 1667, it was supposed to be addressed by a gentleman of Verona, Severinus de Monzambano, to his brother Laelius.

Question 9:
Samuel von Pufendorf, Matsuo Bash? and Marcello Malpighi are all:
University of Jena alumni 17th-century philosophers 1694 deaths German nobility

Question 10: In 1670 Pufendorf was called to the ________.
Uppsala UniversityUniversity of EdinburghKarolinska InstitutetLund University


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