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Samtskhe-Javakheti: Quiz


Question 1: [4] They share the region with Pontian Greeks, ________ and Georgians.
RussiaOssetiansAzerbaijanGeorgia (country)

Question 2: Obstacles Impeding the Regional Integration of the Javalkheti Region, an ECMI working paper (________ format)
HTMLOpenDocumentOffice Open XMLPortable Document Format

Question 3: ________ (or simply Meskhetians) are the former Muslim inhabitants of Meskheti (now known as Samtskhe) in Georgia, along the border with Turkey.
Turkish CypriotsTurkish peopleAzerbaijanMeskhetian Turks

Question 4: [5] Lack of dialogue between local Armenians and the national government in ________ adds to perceptions of discrimination and alienation.

Question 5: It is bordered by Guria and Imereti to the north, Kartli (Shida Kartli and Kvemo Kartli) to the north-east and to the east, Armenia and Turkey to the south and ________ to the west.
AdjaraGeorgia (country)AbkhaziaSouth Ossetia

Question 6: [3] A majority (more than 80%) of Meskhetian Turks are ethnic Turks (called Yerli or Terekeme) with some Kurds and ________.
Armenian diasporaArmenian languageArmenians in TurkeyHemshin peoples


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