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Sampoerna: Quiz


Question 1: Although Marlboro is by far the most popular Western-style (non ________ cigarette), most Indonesians still smoke kretek cigarettes.
United StatesKretekTobaccoNicotine

Question 2: Sampoerna reported 2006 Net Sales of 29.55 trillion Rupiah (approximately $3.22bn using the February 22, 2008 exchange rate) resulting in 3.53 trillion ________ Net Income.
Sri Lankan rupeeIndian rupeeIndonesian rupiahUnited States dollar

Question 3: It produces ________-type cigarettes, flavoured with cloves and spices.
United StatesKretekNicotineTobacco

Question 4: The investment in Sampoerna represented a strategic move for ________.
Altria GroupPhilip Morris InternationalAccentureVerizon Communications

Question 5: Although the cigarette is described as mild, it contains similar tar and ________ levels to Marlboro Red.
PhencyclidineNicotineNicotinic agonistLobeline

Question 6: Sampoerna (PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk) IDX: HMSP is an Indonesian tobacco company whose ________ brands are smoked by millions of Indonesians.
CigaretteTobacco smokingTobacco advertisingSmoking

Question 7: In May, 2005, subsidiaries of ________ completed the acquisition of 97.95% of the company.
AccentureVerizon CommunicationsAltria GroupPhilip Morris International


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