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Question 1: International sampling is governed by agreements such as the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and the ________.
Digital Millennium Copyright ActWIPO Copyright and Performances and Phonograms Treaties Implementation ActDeCSSCopy protection

Question 2: A month later, ________ released "I'm Real" with the same "Firecracker" sample.
Do It WellJennifer Lopez discographyJennifer LopezLove? (album)

Question 3: In the song "Civil War", Guns N' Roses samples from the 1967 film ________, on the album Use Your Illusion II.
Cool Hand LukeBrubakerPocket MoneyStuart Rosenberg

Question 4: A piece of music may have an ________ which is created by sampling a phrase played on any kind of instrument.
20th-century musicOstinatoJazzBlues

Question 5: The album contained a track entitled "Pretty Woman," based on the well-known ________ song of the same name.
In Dreams (song)A Black & White Night LiveMystery GirlRoy Orbison

Question 6: A common standard format for generating such sample sets is the ________ protocol.
Gravis UltrasoundSoundFontMusical Instrument Digital InterfaceCreative Technology

Question 7: The Beatles also used the technique on a number of popular recordings in the mid to late '60s, including "Yellow Submarine", "Revolution 9" and "________."
I Am the WalrusHey JudeStrawberry Fields ForeverPenny Lane

Question 8: The case of ________ came to the Supreme Court in 1994.
John Paul StevensWilliam RehnquistHarry BlackmunCampbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc.

Question 9: The band ________ samples from practically every form of popular media, ranging from infomercials to children's records.
Escape from NoiseU2 (EP)A Big 10-8 PlaceNegativland

Question 10: In 1997 The Verve was forced to pay 100% of their royalties from their hit "________" for the use of a licensed sample from an orchestral cover version of The Rolling Stones' hit "The Last Time".
Love Is NoiseRichard AshcroftForth (album)Bitter Sweet Symphony


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