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Question 1: was started in ________ USA in 1972 by Harry Mendell and Dan Coren.
MassachusettsNew JerseyPennsylvaniaDelaware

Question 2: ________ pioneered many processing techniques, such as crossfade looping and "time stretch" to shorten or lengthen samples without affecting pitch and vice versa.
AkaiSonyTaiyo YudenAlpine Electronics

Question 3: Though scarce, the ________ remains in use in many studios to this day.
SynthesizerSynclavierFairlight CMINew England Digital

Question 4: If the note received is G#2 the sampler will shift the sample up a ________ while the note A2 will play it back a whole tone higher.
SemitoneInterval (music)OctavePerfect fourth

Question 5: The ________ or Computer Music Instrument, released in (1979), started life as the QASAR M8.
E-mu EmulatorSampler (musical instrument)SynclavierFairlight CMI

Question 6: [1] It was equipped with two six-octave keyboards, an alphanumeric keyboard, and an interactive ________ (VDU) where soundwaves could be edited or even drawn from scratch using a light pen.
Video cardFloppy diskUniversal Serial BusComputer monitor

Question 7: ________ manufactured the S series.
Roland CorporationIbanezYamaha CorporationDaikin Industries

Question 8: Fairlight Instruments was started in Sydney ________ in 1975 by Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie.
AustraliaBarbadosCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 9: Each group of notes to which a single sample has been assigned is often called a keyzone, and the resultant set of zones is called a ________.
AltGr keySpanish languageKeyboard (computing)Keyboard layout

Question 10: The ________ System was an early digital synthesizer and sampler, manufactured by New England Digital.
SynclavierHerbie HancockStevie WonderFairlight CMI


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