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Samothrace temple complex: Quiz


Question 1: They are associated by the Greeks with the ________, divine twins popular as protectors of mariners in distress.
Castor and PolluxImperial cult (ancient Rome)ApolloRoman mythology

Question 2: A unique feature of the Samothracean mystery cult was its openness: as compared to the ________, the initiation had no prerequisites for age, gender, status or nationality.
PolytheismReligion in ancient GreeceImperial cult (ancient Rome)Eleusinian Mysteries

Question 3: A period of spectacular development occurred during the Hellenistic period, when it became, after the investiture of Phillip II, a type of Macedonian national sanctuary where the successors to ________ vied to outdo each other's munificence.
Ptolemaic KingdomSeleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatMacedonia (ancient kingdom)

Question 4: The identity and nature of the deities venerated at the sanctuary remains largely enigmatic, in large part because it was ________ to pronounce their names.

Question 5: According to Plutarch, this is how Macedonian king Phillip II met his future spouse ________, the Epirote princess of the Aeacid dynasty, during their initiation to the mysteries of Samothrace.
OlympiasAncient GreeceMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Alexander the Great

Question 6: It may have been inspired by another Néôrion, at ________, probably built at the end of the 4th century BC, which he re-used and dedicated to another of his ships at the same time.

Question 7: A pair of underworld deities, Axiokersos and Axiokersa, are identified to ________ and Persephone, but do not appear to be part of the original group of pre-Hellenic deities.
HadesApolloGreek mythologyHermes

Question 8: She is associated with the Anatolian Great Mother, the Phrygian ________, and the Trojan Mother Goddess of Mount Ida.
CybeleGreek mythologyZeusDionysus

Question 9: It is celebrated throughout the world of ________ for its Mystery religion, a Chthonic cult which was no less renowned than that of the Eleusinian Mysteries.
Alexander the GreatAncient GreeceClassical antiquityRoman Greece

Question 10: The Greeks associated her equally with the fertility goddess ________.
ApolloDemeterGreek mythologyAthena


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