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Samothrace: Quiz


Question 1: The traditional account from antiquity is that Samothrace was first inhabited by ________ and Carians, and later Thracians.

Question 2: The Persians occupied Samothrace in 508 BC, it later passed under ________ control, and was a member of the Delian League in the 5th century BC.

Question 3: The modern port town of Kamariotissa is on the north-west coast and provides ferry access to and from points in northern Greece such as ________ and Kavala.

Question 4: Its main industries are ________ and tourism.
Wild fisheriesFishing techniquesFishing industryFishing

Question 5: Resources on the island includes granite and ________.
Igneous rockFlood basaltLavaBasalt

Question 6: Samothrace (Greek: Σαμοθράκη, IPA: [samo̞ˈθɾakʲi]) is a Greek island in the northern ________.
Aegean civilizationsAeginaAegean SeaSamos Island

Question 7: The island returned to Greek rule in 1913 following the ________.
Balkan WarsRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Italo-Turkish WarFirst Balkan War

Question 8: Among those who visited this shrine to be initiated into the island cult were King Lysander of Sparta, Philip II of Macedon and Cornelius Piso, father-in-law of ________.
PompeyLucius Cornelius SullaRoman RepublicJulius Caesar

Question 9: It was discovered in pieces on the island in 1863 by the French archaeologist ________, and is now - headless - in the Louvre in Paris.
Greek mythologyAegean SeaSamothrace temple complexWinged Victory of Samothrace

Question 10: It was briefly occupied by Bulgaria during the ________.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese War


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