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Sambo (martial art): Quiz


Question 1:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of Sambo (martial art)?
Ivar Gafseth
Viktor Spiridonov, Vasili Oshchepkov, Anatoly Kharlampiev
Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick
Ged Allen, Don Austen & John Ecclestone

Question 2: Mikhail Bakunin of the TV series Lost appears to use Sambo, probably due to his military training before joining the ________.
Through the Looking Glass (Lost)Lost (season 2)Lost (season 3)Dharma Initiative

Question 3: ________, former multiple time World Combat Sambo Champion and Russian Combat Sambo Champion in the +100 kg division.
Mirko FilipovićFedor EmelianenkoUltimate Fighting ChampionshipAntônio Rodrigo Nogueira

Question 4: Spiridonov's style was a soft, aikido-like system developed after he was maimed during ________.
Western Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWorld War I

Question 5: ________, a Ukrainian professional wrestler currently performing on WWE's ECW Brand, has experience in Sambo among other martial arts.
Oleg PrudiusChris JerichoMatt HardyCM Punk

Question 6: ________,Fedor's brother, is a two-time Russian national Sambo champion and two-time world Sambo champion in the absolute divisions.
Fedor EmelianenkoSergei KharitonovMirko FilipovićAleksander Emelianenko

Question 7: One of these men, Vasili Oschepkov, taught judo and karate to elite ________ forces at the Central Red Army House.
Red ArmyRussiaEastern Front (World War II)Soviet Armed Forces

Question 8: Sambo was in part born of native Russian and other regional styles of grappling and ________ wrestling, bolstered with the most useful and adaptable concepts and techniques from the rest of the world.
Brazilian Jiu-JitsuDefenduMartial artsCombatives

Question 9: ________ uses Sambo as part of his under cover operation in the Burn Notice episode 'Comrades'.
Sam AxeBurn Notice (season 1)Burn Notice (season 2)Michael Westen

Question 10: Sambo Championships, he scored a total victory throw victory over ________ legend Rickson Gracie.
Brazilian Jiu-JitsuJujutsuMartial artsMalla-yuddha


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