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Samarium: Quiz


Question 1: As with the other lanthanides, samarium compounds are of low to moderate ________, although their toxicity has not been investigated in detail.
Lead poisoningToxicityPoisonMercury poisoning

Question 2: This element also has 5 ________ with the most stable being 141mSm (t½ 22.6 minutes), 143m1Sm (t½ 66 seconds) and 139mSm (t½ 10.7 seconds).
Nuclear isomerTechnetiumHafniumPlutonium

Question 3: The metallic appearance of a sample can be preserved by sealing it under an inert gas such as ________.

Question 4: Samarium oxide is a ________ for the dehydration and dehydrogenation of ethanol.

Question 5: Samarium (pronounced /səˈmɛəriəm/, sə-MAIR-ee-əm) is a chemical element with the symbol Sm and ________ 62.
Periodic tableAtomic numberLanthanumHafnium

Question 6: The metal is often prepared by electrolysis of a molten mixture of samarium(III) chloride with sodium chloride or ________.
Ammonium chlorideCalcium chlorideMagnesium hydroxideDimethyl sulfoxide

Question 7: ________: Sm2O3

Question 8: Even with long-term storage under ________, samarium is gradually oxidized, with a grayish-yellow powder of the oxide-hydroxide being formed.
Petroleum jellyBeeswaxMineral oilWax

Question 9: CaF2 crystals for use in ________.
X-rayLaserHeliumLaser applications

Question 10: Carbon-arc lighting for the ________ (together with other rare earth metals).
Movie theaterFilmmakingBollywoodFilm industry

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