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Question 1: The better-known "square script" Hebrew alphabet traditionally used by Jews is a stylized version of the ________ which they adopted from the Persian Empire (which in turn was adopted from the Arameans).
Nabataean alphabetGreek alphabetSyriac alphabetAramaic alphabet

Question 2: The Samaritan alphabet is used by the ________ for religious writings, including the Samaritan Pentateuch, writings in Samaritan Hebrew, and for commentaries and translations in Samaritan Aramaic and occasionally Arabic.
Sephardi JewsAshkenazi JewsJudaismSamaritan

Question 3: On 8 February 2008, the Samaritan alphabet was accepted for inclusion in ________ at code points 0800–083F.
UnicodeUTF-8Universal Character SetHan unification

Question 4: For a limited time thereafter, the use of paleo-Hebrew (proto-Samaritan) among Jews was retained only to write the ________, but soon that custom was also abandoned.
TetragrammatonHebrew languageJehovahTanakh

Question 5: That script was used by the ancient ________, both Jews and Samaritans.
IsraelitesNevi'imJewish ethnic divisionsBlack Hebrew Israelites

Question 6: Samaritan is a direct descendant of the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet, which was a variety of the Phoenician alphabet in which large parts of the ________ were originally penned.
Old TestamentDeuterocanonical booksHebrew BibleTanakh

Question 7: Column I is the ________.
Paleo-Hebrew alphabetShin (letter)Hebrew languageYodh


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