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Samaritan Hebrew language: Quiz


Question 1: The Samaritan Hebrew language is a descendant of ________ as pronounced and written by the Samaritans.
Sephardi Hebrew pronunciationMishnaic HebrewTiberian vocalizationBiblical Hebrew

Question 2: Samaritan Hebrew is written in the Samaritan alphabet, a direct descendant of the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet (itself a variant of the Phoenician alphabet), whereas all other varieties of Hebrew are written in the later Hebrew alphabet, a variation on the ________.
Greek alphabetSyriac alphabetAramaic alphabetNabataean alphabet

Question 3: The ________ He and Cheth have disappeared or turned into vowels.
Laryngeal theoryProto-Indo-European phonologyProto-Indo-European languageIndo-European ablaut


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