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Samara, Russia: Quiz


Question 1: After the Soviet novelist ________ visited Samara, he remarked: "I am not sure where in the West one can find such a long and beautiful embankment.
GulagKolymaAleksandr SolzhenitsynVasily Aksyonov

Question 2:
Where is Samara, Russia?

Question 3: Formerly a closed city, Samara is now a large and important social, political, economic, industrial and cultural center of European Russia, which in May 2007 played host to the ________—Russia Summit.
European ParliamentDenmarkGermanyEuropean Union

Question 4:
What is the metropolitican population of Samara, Russia?

Question 5:
What is the legislature of Samara, Russia called?
Parliament of Scotland
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
Council of People's Deputies
Samara City Council

Question 6: In 1780 Samara was turned into the chief town (uyezd) of the ________ Region overseen by the local Governor-General, and Uyezd and Zemstvo Courts of Justice and a Board of Treasury were established.

Question 7: Samara (Russian: Сама́ра) (Kuybyshev (Ку́йбышев) from 1935 to 1990) is one of the largest cities in ________.
MoscowUnited StatesRussian cultureRussia

Question 8: During the Second World War, Kuybyshev was chosen to be the capital of the USSR should ________ fall to the invading Germans.

Question 9: City transport includes the ________, trams, municipal and private bus lines, and trolleybuses.
Kazan MetroSamara MetroSaint Petersburg MetroNizhny Novgorod Metro

Question 10: [8] Samara is also home to Semyon Varlamov of the ________'s Washington Capitals, as well as young up and coming tennis player Anastasiya Pavlyuchenkova.
Original SixNational Hockey League rivalriesNational Hockey League All-Star GameNational Hockey League

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