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Question 1: Despite his frequent disagreements with Sam, ________ gradually develops some small, grudging respect for his tireless and methodical investigation techniques.
Ray CarlingLife on Mars (TV series)Gene HuntSam Tyler

Question 2: During episode one of the first series, Sam Tyler is a police officer in service with ________ (GMP).
Devon and Cornwall ConstabularyMerseyside PoliceHumberside PoliceGreater Manchester Police

Question 3: In the original British version of Life on Mars, Tyler is played by ________ and in the American version he is played by Jason O'Mara.
Doctor WhoManchesterJohn SimmRussell T Davies

Question 4: However, Chris is apparently quite impressionable and often torn between following Sam's example and those of ________ or Ray Carling.
Sam TylerLife on Mars (TV series)Gene HuntAshes to Ashes (TV series)

Question 5: Indeed, Ray attributes Sam's death to his going off alone, not waiting for Hunt as Ray told him, and advises ________ not to follow this example.
Sam TylerGene HuntLife on Mars (TV series)Alex Drake

Question 6: DCI/DI Sam Tyler is a fictional character in ________'s science fiction/police procedural drama, Life on Mars.
BBC ThreeBBC TelevisionBBC TwoBBC One


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