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Sam Raimi: Quiz


Question 1:
What is Sam Raimi also known as?
Alan Dawa Dolma
George Alan Larkin
Ronnie Butler Jr., Ronny Butler, Ronald Butler, Ronnie Butler
Alan Smithee Jr., Fake Shemp

Question 2: After the completion of the third Spider-Man film, Raimi is slated to direct a film adaptation of The Wee Free Men by ________.
DiscworldTerry PratchettDiscworld NoirDeath (Discworld)

Question 3:
Where was Sam Raimi born?
Oak Ridge, Prince William County, Virginia
Royal Oak, Michigan, United States
Carlshend, Michigan
Farmers Creek Lapeer County, Michigan

Question 4:
What was Sam Raimi's birth name?
Maxine Peake
Samuel Marshall Raimi
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Louise Dresser Keaton

Question 5:
What role did Sam Raimi play in the videomovie Galaxis?
Lord Tarkin
Micky Lämmers
Nervous Official

Question 6:
How is Sam Raimi described?
United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
American film director
Australian true crime
Australian television personality

Question 7:
Who is Sam Raimi's spouse?
Gillian Greene
2 children
Karen Shimkus
Christina Hamman

Question 8: On 23 September 2009 he became the producer for the British ________ thriller "Refuge" which is directed by Corin Hardy and published by Mandate Pictures.

Question 9:
When was the Sam Raimi?
December 2008
January 2010

Question 10: Raimi, the fourth of five children, was born in ________, and grew up in Birmingham, Michigan.
Royal Oak, MichiganPontiac, MichiganTroy, MichiganSouthfield, Michigan

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