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Sam Browne belt: Quiz


Question 1: ________ and other leading Nazis, as well as members of the Sturmabteilung, are frequently seen in photographs wearing one.
Adolf HitlerNazi GermanySchutzstaffelNazi Party

Question 2: In those days officers always carried a ________ into battle.
Historical European martial artsFencingMartial artsSword

Question 3: Stanhope of the ________ while serving in India.
King's Royal Rifle CorpsGordon HighlandersManchester RegimentBuffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)

Question 4: King ________ wore his Sam Browne the wrong way round on his first inspection of the 16th The Queen's Lancers as Colonel-in-Chief in 1906.
Alfonso XIII of SpainJuan, Count of MontizónInfante Jaime, Duke of SegoviaCharles III of Spain

Question 5: The Sam Browne belt featured prominently in many uniforms used by the Nazi Party in ________, again in imitation of earlier European uniforms.

Question 6: The Sam Browne belt also enjoyed some popularity with civilian ________ agencies worldwide.
Common lawShariaPoliceLaw

Question 7: After World War II the Sam Browne belt saw a decline in use in the Commonwealth; for example it was phased out by the ________ with the unification of the armed services in 1968.
Canadian ForcesLand Force Central AreaCadet Instructors CadreLand Force Western Area

Question 8: In Italy a black Sam Browne belt with red trims is still worn by ________ Warrant Officers (always when in service) and Officers (only at time); a white Sam Browne belt is also worn by Italian Police enlisted personnel.
Italian ArmyCarabinieriGuardia di FinanzaPolizia di Stato

Question 9: The Sam Browne belt has, however, been proposed as a solution to ________ concerns about injury due to the weight of equipment on police officers' belts.
ErgonomicsUnemploymentSexual harassmentOccupational safety and health

Question 10: This tradition has gone on through until today, with The Queen's Royal Lancers wearing their ________ and Sam Browne belt in reverse.
Royal Scots GreysLife Guards (British Army)British Army uniformStable belt

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