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Salzburg (state): Quiz


Question 1: In ________ Salzburg participated like the other parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Caucasus CampaignWorld War IArmenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)

Question 2: In 1816, following the defeat of Napoleon and the provision of adequate compensation to Bavaria at the ________, it was returned to Austria with the exception of the north-western 'Rupertigau' which remained Bavarian.
Napoleonic WarsHundred DaysPrussiaCongress of Vienna

Question 3: Independence from ________ was secured in the late 14th century.

Question 4: The ________ was an independent prince-bishopric within the Holy Roman Empire until German Mediatisation in 1813.
BavariaRegensburgHistory of BavariaArchbishopric of Salzburg

Question 5: The city of ________ is its own administrative district.

Question 6: Following the Austrian defeat at Austerlitz in 1805, Salzburg was annexed by Austria as compensation for the loss of Tyrol to the ________, and Ferdinand was transferred to the Grand Duchy of Würzburg.
Kingdom of SaxonyKingdom of BavariaBadenGrand Duchy of Baden

Question 7: Liechtensteinklamm: Salzburg is home to one of the longest and deepest gorges of the ________, the Liechtensteinklamm.
HimalayasJura MountainsAlpsGeography

Question 8: Salzburgerland has its own ________ since 1999, and the government is formed through a Majority system.
United KingdomLawDemocracyConstitution

Question 9: Salzburg is a state or Land of ________ with an area of 7,154 km2, located adjacent to the German border.
AustriaHungaryCzech RepublicPoland

Question 10: Salzburgring, a permanent racing circuit, north east of the city of ________


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