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Salvador Luria: Quiz


Question 1: Soon after Luria received the award ________'s fascist regime banned Jews from academic research fellowships.
Axis powersBenito MussoliniAdolf HitlerItalian Fascism

Question 2: Luria arrived in ________ on September 12, 1940 and soon changed his first and middle names.
ManhattanNew York metropolitan areaNew York CityBrooklyn

Question 3: In January 1947, Luria became a naturalized citizen of the ________.
AlaskaPhilippinesUnited StatesCanada

Question 4: At MIT, he switched his research focus from phages to cell membranes and ________.
Peripheral membrane proteinBacteriocinPolymyxinMembrane receptor

Question 5: The idea that natural selection affects bacteria has profound consequences, for example, it explains how bacteria develop ________ resistance.
Nucleic acid inhibitorAntibiotic misuseATC code J01Antibiotic

Question 6: He also received ________ in 1991.
Glenn T. SeaborgJoshua LederbergNational Medal of ScienceCharles Stark Draper

Question 7: He joined with ________ in 1957 to protest the nuclear weapon testing.
Glenn T. SeaborgRoger AdamsMelvin CalvinLinus Pauling

Question 8: Returning to MIT, his lab discovered that bacteriocins achieve this impairment by forming holes in the cell membrane, allowing ________ to flow through and destroy the electrochemical gradient of cells.
ElectrolyteLithium-ion batteryIonHalf cell

Question 9: With the help of physicist Enrico Fermi, whom he knew from his time at the University of Rome, Luria received a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship at ________.
Rutgers UniversityColumbia UniversityCornell UniversityNew York University

Question 10: He then took classes in ________ at the University of Rome.
Nuclear medicineSurgeryMedicineRadiology

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