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Salsoul Records: Quiz


Question 1: Salsoul Records is a ________ based record label founded by brothers Joe Cayre, Ken Cayre, and Stanley Cayre.
ManhattanNew York metropolitan areaNew York CityBrooklyn

Question 2: ________ were in dispute with their key musicians over business matters, and Salsoul quickly put them under contract.
Philadelphia soulMFSBGamble and HuffThe Temptations

Question 3: Baker would plant his key bass notes on top of the ________ of Young, making for a solid and thunderous bass sound.
Tom-tom drumRototomSnare drumBass drum

Question 4: As he admired the sound of the ________ that would come to be known as Philly soul, Ken Cayre hunted down the genre's best session musicians.
Soul musicRhythm and bluesDoo-wopRock and roll

Question 5: Baker and Young are now widely credited with crystallizing the sound and structure of a ________ record.
Freestyle musicDiscoFunkPost-disco

Question 6: Baker, Harris and Young had the ________ First Choice under contract, and brought them along to Salsoul.
Rock musicJ-popBoy bandGirl group

Question 7: Young's insistent use of the ________ cymbal made it easy for DJs to mix records in noisy clubs, as the high frequency of the cymbal stood out over the background noise and could be easily heard in the headphones of the DJ.
Bass drumHi-hatDrum kitRide cymbal

Question 8: ________ received little in the way of serious historical study and documentation until the mid 1990s, when those studying the explosion of house music began to seriously documents its roots.
DiscoFunkFreestyle musicPost-disco

Question 9: From 1974 to 1985, Salsoul released about 300 ________ 12-inch singles, and a string of albums.
Freestyle musicPost-discoFunkDisco


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