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Question 1: Madame Roland, the political salon that was the resort of the ________ at the first stages of the Revolution.
Maximilien RobespierreGeorges DantonGirondistNational Convention

Question 2: In ________, the duchess Sieniawska held a salon in the end of the 17th century.

Question 3: Increasingly emancipated German-speaking Jews wanted to immerse themselves in ________’s rich cultural life.

Question 4: [15] The disagreements that surround the content of discussion partly explain why the salon's relationship with the ________ is so heavily contested.
CriminologyPositivismJürgen HabermasPublic sphere

Question 5: After the shock of the ________, French aristocrats tended to withdraw from the public eye.
Otto von BismarckAlsace-LorraineFranco-Prussian WarGerman Empire

Question 6: Madame Necker, the wife of the financier ________
Louis Auguste Le Tonnelier de BreteuilJacques NeckerCardinal RichelieuCharles Gravier, comte de Vergennes

Question 7: Sophie de Condorcet, wife of the mathematician and philosopher ________, visited by foreign notables and French thinkers alike.
LiberalismThomas PaineMarquis de CondorcetFrench Revolution

Question 8: In ________, the salon was introduced Sweden by Sophia Elisabet Brenner in the end of the 17th century, though the poet Vendela Skytte was known to have gatthered a cultural circle before her.
DenmarkScandinaviaDenmark–NorwayNordic countries

Question 9: Wealthy members of the aristocracy have always drawn to their court poets, writers and artists, usually with the lure of ________, an aspect that sets the court apart from the salon.
RenaissanceFlorencePatronageAncient history

Question 10: The salons have been studied in depth by a mixture of feminist, ________, cultural, social and intellectual historians.
Dialectical materialismMarxismKarl MarxDialectic


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