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Salome Alexandra: Quiz


Question 1: As well, she did not abstain from actual warfare; she sent her son Aristobulus with an army to besiege ________, then beleaguered by Ptolemy Menneus.

Question 2: Alexandra, who desired to avoid all party conflict, removed the ________ from Jerusalem, assigning certain fortified towns for their residence.
SadduceesJewish historyPhariseesTanakh

Question 3: The wife of Aristobulus I, and afterward of ________,[1] she was the last woman ruler of Judaea, and the last ruler of ancient Judaea to die as the ruler of an independent kingdom.
Alexander JannaeusHasmoneanHerod the GreatJohn Hyrcanus

Question 4: From this time it became a "________" for the administration of justice and religious matters, the guidance of which was placed in the hands of the Pharisees.
Scots lawUnited StatesSupreme courtCommon law

Question 5: This might have been attended with dangerous results to the ________ dynasty.
PhariseesHasmoneanFirst Jewish–Roman WarJewish history

Question 6: Alexandra installed as high priest her eldest son, Hyrcanus II a man wholly after the heart of the Pharisees and the ________ was reorganized according to their wishes.
BibleJewish historySanhedrinJesus


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