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Question 1: The thick pork skin that remains after using the salo's fat can also contribute to the stock for soup or ________.
Belarusian cuisineRussian cuisineLithuanian cuisineBorscht

Question 2: Then it can be used as a water-repellent treatment for leather boots or as a bait for ________ or simply turned into homemade soap.
RatButterPest controlMousetrap

Question 3: They are not actually salo; they contain a regular caramel filling with a small amount of ________ added as a salty flavouring.
LardButterTallowRendering (food processing)

Question 4: Thinly-sliced salo on rye bread rubbed with ________ is a traditional snack to accompany vodka in Russia, or, and particularly, horilka in Ukraine.

Question 5: Salo has little or no ________ (skeletal muscle), and low-meat high-fat bacon commonly is referred to as salo.
Medieval cuisineMeatHorse meatFood

Question 6: Small pieces of salo are added to some types of ________.
Black puddingSausageNational dishSpain

Question 7: [1][2][3] Popular singer ________ is a fan of this treat.
RuslanaJohnny Logan (singer)Alexander RybakSertab Erener

Question 8: The expression "chocolate-coated salo" (salo v shokoladi), originating in an ethnic joke about ________, has become cliché among Eastern Slavs, referring to an eclectic mix of tastes or desires.
Ukrainian languageUkrainiansUkrainian literatureUkraine

Question 9: Salo may be consumed raw, but can also be cooked or fried or finely chopped with garlic as a condiment for ________ (beet soup).
Lithuanian cuisineRussian cuisineBelarusian cuisineBorscht

Question 10: In the 2000s, ________ Confectionery Factory started production of candies Salo v Shokoladi.
OdessaOdessa OblastKievUkraine


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