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Saliva: Quiz


Question 1: The production of saliva is stimulated both by the sympathetic nervous system and the ________.
Autonomic nervous systemParasympathetic nervous systemSubmandibular ganglionNerve

Question 2: ________ has great role in fat digestion in new-born as their pancreatic lipase will develop later.
Bile salt dependent lipasePhospholipase A2PDE2Lipase

Question 3: Some ________ swiftlet nests are made only from saliva and used to make bird's nest soup.
Himalayan SwiftletGerman's SwiftletAerodramusEdible-nest Swiftlet

Question 4: Recent research suggests that the saliva of birds is a better indicator of ________ than are faecal samples.
Avian influenzaInfluenza A virusInfluenzavirus BInfluenzavirus C

Question 5: 1.4-39 mmol/L ________
Phosphate homeostasisAdenosine triphosphatePhosphatePhosphorus

Question 6: A common belief is that saliva contained in the mouth has natural ________, which leads people to believe it is beneficial to "lick their wounds".
AntisepticSodium hypochloriteDisinfectantHydrogen peroxide

Question 7: Saliva (also referred to as spit , spittle or slobber) is the watery and usually frothy substance produced in the mouths of humans and most other ________.

Question 8: 10-36 mmol/L ________ (higher than plasma)

Question 9: Saliva also plays an important role in tasting food by trapping ________ produced from odourless food compounds by anaerobic bacteria living in the mouth.

Question 10: 1.2-2.8 mmol/L ________ (similar to plasma)

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