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Salishan languages: Quiz


Question 1: The name Salish is actually the ________ of the Flathead Nation.
BrusselsPragueExonym and endonymBelgrade

Question 2: ________ suggested that the Salishan languages may be related to the Wakashan and Chimakuan languages in a hypothetical Mosan family.
Edward SapirBertrand RussellNoam ChomskyFranz Boas

Question 3: Recordings of Montana Salish Wordlists with phonetic transcription by ________
NigeriaPapua New GuineaPeter LadefogedEngland

Question 4: Many Salishan groups consider their variety of speech to be a separate language rather than a ________.
German languageDialectDialect continuumEnglish language

Question 5: Salish is most commonly written using the ________ to account for the various vowels and consonants that do not exist in most modern alphabets.
Stop consonantEjective consonantInternational Phonetic AlphabetAmericanist phonetic notation

Question 6: The Salishan (also Salish) languages are a group of languages of the Pacific Northwest (the Canadian province of ________ and the American states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana).
CanadaAlbertaOntarioBritish Columbia

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