Salinity: Quiz

Question 1:
Salinity, PH and Nitrate are all:
Aquatic ecology Water quality indicators Coastal geography Oceanography

Question 2: It is a general term used to describe the levels of different salts such as sodium chloride, magnesium and ________, and bicarbonates.
Calcium chlorideCalcium sulfateCalcium carbonateCalcium hydroxide

Question 3: As well, salinity influences the kinds of plants that will grow either in a water body, or on land fed by a water (or by a ________).

Question 4:
Salinity, Fish and Water pollution are all:
Water quality indicators Aquatic ecology Coastal geography Oceanography

Question 5:
Salinity, Ocean and Tide are all:
Oceanography Aquatic ecology Water quality indicators Coastal geography

Question 6: Salinity is the saltiness or dissolved salt content of a body of ________.
OxygenEarthWaterWater resources

Question 7: ________ of constant salinity are called isohales.
MapCartographyFantasy mapContour line

Question 8:
Salinity, Estuary and River delta are all:
Water quality indicators Coastal geography Aquatic ecology Oceanography

Question 9: Salinity in ________ and North American English may also refer to the salt content of soil (see soil salination).
South African EnglishAustralian EnglishEnglish languageNew Zealand English

Question 10: Prior to 1978, salinity or halinity was expressed as ‰ usually based on the ________ ratio of the sample to "Copenhagen water", an artificial sea water manufactured to serve as a world "standard"[1].
CopperElectrical conductivityResistivityElectrical resistance

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