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Salic law: Quiz


Question 1: As a remnant of Salic law, the office of the reigning monarch of ________ is always formally known as 'King' even though her title may be 'Queen'.

Question 2: The British and Hanoverian thrones separated after the death of King ________ and of Hanover in 1837.
Edward VIII of the United KingdomWilliam IV of the United KingdomGeorge III of the United KingdomGeorge IV of the United Kingdom

Question 3: This caused not only the break-up of the ________ amongst Charlemagne's grandsons (under the Treaty of Verdun), but many kingdoms during the medieval period.
FranciaCharles the BaldCarolingian EmpireLouis the Pious

Question 4: Salic law (Lat. Lex Salica) was a body of traditional law codified for governing the Salian Franks in the early Middle Ages during the reign of King ________ in the 6th century.
FranciaMerovingian dynastyChildebert IClovis I

Question 5: The Salic Law contains the sole direct attestations of ________.
Middle High GermanOld DutchOld FrankishMiddle Dutch

Question 6: The play Henry V begins with the ________ asking if the claim might be upheld despite the Salic Law.
Rowan WilliamsArchbishop of CanterburyChurch of EnglandThomas Cranmer

Question 7: The most formative (geo-)political aspect of Salic inheritance law for Europe's history was its equal division of land amongst all living male children in opposition to ________.

Question 8: Only several hundred years later, under the Direct Capetian kings of ________ and their English contemporaries who held lands in France, did Salic law become a rationale for enforcing or debating succession.
CanadaUnited KingdomFranceItaly

Question 9: The Salic Law codified inheritance, ________, and murder.
TreasonCriminal lawCrimeExtortion

Question 10: The detailed laws established damages to be paid and fines levied in recompense of injuries to persons and damage to goods, e.g., ________, theft, and unproved insults.
Universal suffrageRacismSlaveryAntisemitism

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