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Question 1: It was the badge of Francis I of France, with the motto, "I nourish [the good] and extinguish [the bad]."[11] It appears in the arms of Le Havre (below), ________ and others.
Dammarie-lès-LysFontainebleauAvon, Seine-et-MarneMeaux

Question 2: The 16th-century Italian artist ________ (1500–1571) famously recalled witnessing just such an appearance as a child in his autobiography.
Benvenuto CelliniFlorenceItalyMichelangelo

Question 3: The salamander is mentioned in the ________ (Hagiga 27a) as a creature that is a product of fire, and anyone who is smeared with its blood will be immune to harm from fire.
TalmudMidrashRabbinic literatureJewish philosophy

Question 4: ________ (1040–1105), the primary commentator on the Talmud, describes the salamander as one which is produced by burning a fire in the same place for seven years.
Ashkenazi JewsRashiSephardi JewsRabbinic literature

Question 5: The political term 'gerrymander' is a portmanteau of salamander and the name of former Massachusetts Governor ________.
Calvin CoolidgeSamuel AdamsElbridge GerryJohn Hancock

Question 6: White, ________ had a robe made from it; the "Emperor of India" possessed a suit made from a thousand skins; and Pope Alexander III had a tunic which he valued highly.
Franco-Mongol alliancePrester JohnGenghis KhanMongol Empire

Question 7: To wash and clean these fabrics, they throw them into flames."[16] Friar also notes that ________ believed that the "true" salamander was an incombustible substance found in the earth.
Marco PoloSilk RoadMongol EmpireNiccolò and Maffeo Polo

Question 8: Early travelers to ________ were shown garments supposedly woven from salamander hair or wool; the cloth was completely unharmed by fire.
ChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)Religion in China

Question 9: A large body of ________, mythology, and symbolism has developed around this creature over the centuries.
StorytellingLegendFairy taleFolklore

Question 10: In Ray Bradbury's ________, the salamander and the phoenix were the symbols of the firemen (although in this case these were book burners rather than firefighters).
Brave New WorldNineteen Eighty-FourNovelFahrenheit 451


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