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Question 1: Salé pirates (the well-known "Salè Rovers") roamed the seas as far as the shores of the ________, bringing back loot and slaves.
AmericasAmericas (terminology)South AmericaNorth America

Question 2: The character Robinson Crusoe, in ________'s novel by the same name, spends time in captivity of the local pirates and at last sails off to liberty from the mouth of the Salé river.
William DampierJonathan SwiftDaniel DefoeGlasgow

Question 3: [3] Much of the city used to rely upon communal standpipes, which was often shut down, depriving some neighbourhoods of safe ________[3] for indefinite periods of time.
Drinking waterMoroccoWater purificationAzerbaijan

Question 4: In the 1600s, Salé became a haven for Moriscos-turned-________.
PiracyKurtoğlu Muslihiddin ReisBarbary corsairsHayreddin Barbarossa

Question 5: A good number of government officials, decision makers and royal advisors of both France and ________ were from Salé.
Saudi ArabiaJordanMoroccoUnited Arab Emirates

Question 6: ________ and wastewater collection in Salé was irregular, with poorer and illegal housing units suffering the highest costs and most acute scarcities.
Water resourcesDrinking waterWater supplyFrance

Question 7: Salé (Amazigh: ⵙⵍⴰ Sla, Arabic: سلا‎; from the Berber word ⴰⵙⵍⴰ asla, meaning "rock") is the twin city to Rabat, capital of ________.
JordanMoroccoUnited Arab EmiratesSaudi Arabia

Question 8: There is an American family, van Salee, descended from a Salè Rover, ________.
Anthony Janszoon van SaleeVanderbilt familyJan JanszoonPiracy

Question 9: In Pirate Utopias, ________ says:
PakistanAfghanistanHakim BeyAnarchism

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