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Question 1: The increasing number of ________ converts in southern Japan (mainly Kyūshū) was a significant element of that which was seen as a threat.
CatholicismBishopEcumenical councilCatholic

Question 2: The ________ was signed with the United States on July 29, 1858.
Matthew C. PerryJapanTreaty of Amity and Commerce (United States–Japan)Ansei Treaties

Question 3: The embassy demonstrated a steam engine, which led to the first recorded attempts at manufacturing a steam engine in Japan, by Hisashige Tanaka in ________.
March 418501853January 1

Question 4: The policy stated that the only European influence permitted was the Dutch factory (trading post) at ________ in Nagasaki.
Hugli-ChuchuraColonial BrazilArguinDejima

Question 5: In 1811, the Russian naval lieutenant Vasily Golovnin landed on Kunashiri Island, and was arrested by the ________ and imprisoned for 2 years.
JapanKenmu restorationSamuraiShogun

Question 6: In 1844, a French naval expedition under Captain Fornier-Duplan visited ________ on April 28, 1844.
JapanYamanashi PrefectureOkinawa PrefectureRyukyu Islands

Question 7: Trade with the ________ was limited to the Matsumae Domain in Hokkaidō, and trade with the Ryūkyū Kingdom took place in Satsuma Domain (present-day Kagoshima Prefecture).
RussiaJapanese peopleAinu peopleJapan

Question 8: Between 1852 and 1855, Admiral Yevfimy Putyatin of the ________ made several attempts to obtain from the Shogun favourable trade terms for Russia.
Russian EmpireImperial Russian NavyBaltic FleetRussian Navy

Question 9: The way Japan kept abreast of Western technology during this period was by studying medical and other texts in the ________ obtained through Dejima.
German languageEnglish languageDutch languageSwedish language

Question 10: The Russians attacked Sakhalin and the ________ during the following three years, prompting the Bakufu to build up defences in Ezo.
HokkaidōIturupKuril IslandsAntsiferov Island

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