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Question 1: [28] As a result, while members of the first generation still carry anti-Japanese sentiment, the younger generations have developed an interest in ________ and have taken up the study of the Japanese language, much to the consternation of their elders.
Culture of JapanCulture of AsiaCulture of the PhilippinesCulture of Taiwan

Question 2: [31][32] North Korea negotiated with Russia for closer economic relations with Sakhalin,[33] and recently sponsored an art show in ________.
PoronayskYuzhno-SakhalinskKholmskKorsakov (town)

Question 3: [46] Additionally, during the Soviet era, Sakhalin Koreans were often hired to act as announcers and writers for official media aimed at the ________ in Central Asia.
Koryo-saramKazakhstanKazakhsKazakh language

Question 4: [31] They are highly urbanized; half live in the administrative center of ________, where Koreans constitute nearly 12% of the population.
Yuzhno-SakhalinskKholmskKorsakov (town)Poronaysk

Question 5: [24] As of ________, Japan spends US$1.2 million a year to fund Sakhalin Koreans' visits to Seoul.

Question 6: During the 1990s, commerce, communication, and direct flights opened up between Sakhalin and ________, and the two Koreas began to vie openly for influence among the Sakhalin Koreans.
Korean PeninsulaNorth KoreaSouth KoreaSeoul

Question 7: In ________, the Japanese government offered transit rights and funding for the repatriation of the original group of Sakhalin Koreans; however, only 1,500 of them returned to South Korea in the next two decades.

Question 8: [36] South Korean investors also began to participate in the international tenders for works contracts to develop the Sakhalin Shelf, as they are interested in the potential supply of ________.
HeliumButaneLiquefied natural gasGasoline

Question 9: Due to differing language and immigration history, Sakhalin Koreans may or may not identify themselves as ________.
KazakhstanSakhalin KoreansKazakh languageKoryo-saram

Question 10: The issue of self-identification is complicated by the fact that many Sakhalin Koreans feel that Koreans from ________ look down on them.
South AsiaSiberiaCentral AsiaMiddle East


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