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Saint Thomas Christians: Quiz


Question 1: This conference was called by King Kulshekara for a clarity for the theology on ________ of the Trinity.

Question 2: This is the original Christian church in what was once ________: eastern Iraq and Iran.
ParthiaAria (satrapy)MedesHyrcania

Question 3:

Question 4: Nasrani
Saint Thomas Christians
Malankara Church
Holy Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas
Coonan Cross Oath
Synod of Diamper
Mar Thoma ChurchAncient Crosses of IndiaSyrian Malabar NasraniSyro-Malabar Catholic Church

Question 5: Liturgy and Worship
Sign of the cross
Divine Liturgy

Question 6: ________ testimony : “He (Christ) dwelt in all places: with Thomas in India, Peter at Rome, with Paul in Illyricum.” [46]
Justin MartyrJeromeIrenaeusEucharistic theologies contrasted

Question 7: Gregory of Nazianzus Century : 4th (died 389) Church Represented: Alexandrian/Greek Biographical Note : ________ was born A.
PopeGregoryPope Gregory IBulgarian language

Question 8: Mar Thoma X - ________.
Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysious I (Mar Thoma X)Mar Thoma VIIIMar Thoma VIMar Thoma VII

Question 9: 52 ________, landed at Muziris near Paravur an ancient port city of Malabar (Kerala).
New TestamentSaint PeterThomas the ApostleSaint Stephen

Question 10: The Nasranis are an ________ people, and a single community.
Indigenous peoplesMoresEthnic groupSouth Asian ethnic groups


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