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Saint Sebastian: Quiz


Question 1: Sebastian is the patron saint of Rio de Janeiro, ________.
BrazilMozambiqueEast TimorPortugal

Question 2:
When did Saint Sebastian die?
c. 288

Question 3: Of the miraculous effect of the example of Sebastian, the ________ reports,
Jacobus de VoragineSaint GeorgeCatholic ChurchGolden Legend

Question 4: The Golden Legend transmits the episode of a great plague that afflicted the ________ in the time of King Gumburt, which was stopped by the erection of an altar to Sebastian in the Church of Saint Peter in the Province of Pavia.
Germanic peoplesFranksLombardsSuebi

Question 5: Informally, in the tradition of the ________ religious syncretism Umbanda, Sebastian is often associated with Oxossi, especially in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
Afro-BrazilianWhite BrazilianImmigration to BrazilSalvador, Bahia

Question 6: 288) was a ________ saint and martyr, who is said to have been killed during the Roman emperor Diocletian's persecution of Christians.
BaptistChristianityEcumenismChristian denomination

Question 7: In the ________, Sebastian's feast day is 18 December.
Ecumenical Patriarchate of ConstantinopleChurch of GreeceHistory of the Orthodox ChurchChurch of Cyprus

Question 8: In his novella ________, Thomas Mann hails the "Sebastian-Figure" as the supreme emblem of Apollonian beauty, that is, the artistry of differentiated forms, beauty as measured by discipline, proportion, and luminous distinctions.
Death in Venice (film)Death in Venice (opera)Johann Wolfgang von GoetheDeath in Venice

Question 9: According to tradition, Mark and Marcellian were twin brothers and were ________.
PriestDeaconBishopStole (vestment)

Question 10: Also, in ________, Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes.
PopePope Gregory IPope John Paul IICatholic Church


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