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Saint Peter: Quiz


Question 1: ________, a Docetic narrative that has survived in part
Saint PeterGospel of PeterJesusGospel of John

Question 2: A Letter of Peter to Philip, which was preserved in the ________
Nag Hammadi libraryGnosticismGnostic textsGnosticism and the New Testament

Question 3: In the Orthodox ________ every Thursday throughout the year is dedicated to the Holy Apostles, including St.
MatinsLiturgical bookCanonical hoursOrthodox Church

Question 4: ________, which was considered as genuine by many Christians as late as the fourth century
Apocalypse of PeterEarly ChristianityNew TestamentGospel of Matthew

Question 5:
What was Saint Peter's birth name?
Eva Pettersson
Priest Josef Brooks
Simon/Simeon bar Jona

Question 6:
Who was the successor of Saint Peter?

Question 7: The Epistula Petri, the introductory letter ascribed to Apostle Peter that appears at the beginning of at least one version of the ________
Clementine literatureJohn the BaptistSimon MagusSaint Peter

Question 8: The ________, who believes in the re-established Apostle ministry, sees Peter as the first Chief Apostle.
CatholicismNew Apostolic ChurchChristianityAnglicanism

Question 9: According to Jewish folklore (________ narrative), St.
JesusAntisemitismAnti-JudaismToledot Yeshu

Question 10: [26] Subsequent tradition held that Peter had been the first ________.
East–West SchismPatriarch of AntiochOrthodox ChurchMelkite Greek Catholic Church


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