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Saint Charles, Missouri: Quiz


Question 1: Over 30 costumed Legends of Christmas stroll the streets and interact with guests, while ________ Christmas Carolers fill the air with old-fashioned carols.
United KingdomGeorgian eraEnglandVictorian era

Question 2: Louis Blanchette was a French Canadian who travelled to the ________, it is said, for adventure.
South AmericaAmericas (terminology)AmericasNorth America

Question 3: It lies just to the northwest of St. Louis, Missouri, on the ________, and played for a time a significant role in the United States' westward expansion.
South DakotaMissouri RiverMontanaMississippi River

Question 4: Charles school district has five elementary schools, two middle schools, two ________, and the Lewis & Clark Tech Building located on Zumbehl Road.
Public school (government funded)Secondary educationHigh schoolGymnasium (school)

Question 5: ________, Chicago White Sox pitcher.
Mark BuehrlePaul KonerkoOzzie GuillénChicago White Sox all-time roster

Question 6: ________ is located on Kingshighway, seconds from St.
Lindenwood UniversityMaryville UniversityMissouri Baptist UniversityWashington University in St. Louis

Question 7: Blanchette settled there in 1769 under the authority of the Spanish governor of ________, and served as its civil and military leader until his death in 1793.
IllinoisIllinois CountryMonroe County, IllinoisNorthwest Territory

Question 8: The first American-born Europeans to settle in the region were ________ and his family.
American Old WestDaniel BooneAnnie OakleyDavy Crockett

Question 9: With him were 40 men and three boats; there they made final preparations, as they waited for ________ to arrive from St. Louis.
Thomas JeffersonWilliam Clark (explorer)George WashingtonMeriwether Lewis

Question 10: Charles welcomed men's professional road bicycle racing riders and fans as it served as the stage 5 final for the ________.
2007 Tour of Missouri2009 Tour of MissouriTour of California2008 Tour of Missouri

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