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Saint Benedict Medal: Quiz


Question 1: He holds, in his right, hand a ________, to which he was incredibly devoted and, in the left, his rule for monasteries.
CrossChristianityPope John Paul IIFlags with crosses

Question 2: These remained a mystery until a manuscript dating back to 1415 was found at Metten Abbey in ________ in 1647, and the letters were found to correspond to the Vade retro satana (Step back Satan) phrase.

Question 3: Lay Catholics are not permitted to perform exorcisms but they can use the Saint Benedict Medal, ________, the crucifix and other sacramentals for warding off evil.
Orthodox ChurchChristianityHoly waterBaptism

Question 4: Medals of Saint Benedict are sacramentals that may be blessed legitimately by any priest or ________ -- not necessarily a Benedictine.
DeaconBishopStole (vestment)Liturgical book

Question 5: In the back there is a poisoned cup, that when the saint made the ________ over it, shattered.
Lord's PrayerApostles' CreedNicene CreedSign of the Cross

Question 6: The exact time and date of the making of the first ________ Medal are not clear.
Christian monasticismFrancis de SalesBenedict of NursiaPope Gregory I

Question 7: On the front of the medal is ________ holding 2 things.
Francis de SalesBenedict of NursiaChristian monasticismPope Gregory I


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