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Saint Basil's Cathedral: Quiz


Question 1: [26] There is evidence that construction involved stonemasons from ________[27] and German lands.
RigaTallinnPskovVeliky Novgorod

Question 2: It followed the depiction of Heavenly City in the ________:[58]
New TestamentBook of Daniel2 EsdrasBook of Revelation

Question 3: [4] The abstract allegory was reinforced by real-life religious rituals where the cathedral played the role of biblical ________:
Jewish holidayYemenite JewsTemple in JerusalemChristianity and Judaism

Question 4: [37] Shvidkovsky noted the resemblance of the cathedral's floorplan to Italian concepts by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and Donato Bramante, but most likely ________'s Trattato di architettura.
FlorenceLeonardo da VinciFilareteMilan

Question 5: [83] The cathedral was spared by the ________ that razed Kitai-gorod, and by the troops' failure to blow it up according to Napoleon's order.
French invasion of RussiaFire of Moscow (1812)RussiaJoseph Bové

Question 6: [4][63] At a distance, separate churches towering over their base resembled towers and cathedrals of a distant citadel rising above the ________.
FortificationDefensive wallCity gateCastle

Question 7: As a result of this subtle calculated[46] ________ viewing from north and south presents a complex multi-axial shape while the western facade, facing the Kremlin, appears properly symmetrical and monolithic.
AsymmetryKaonParticle physicsCP violation

Question 8: [96] In 1913 it was complemented with a pumped ________ system serving the rest of the cathedral.
Power stationWater heatingHVACEnergy

Question 9: [58] The domes, covered with tin, were uniformly ________, creating an overall bright but fairly traditional combination of white, red and golden colours.

Question 10:   (Original book written in 1615 and printed in Leipzig, in ________, in 1620; translated to Russian in 1847 by Mikhail Shemyakin).
German languageDutch languageRomanian languageSpanish language

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