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Question 1: Figures such as Kabir, Ravidas, ________, and others are widely regarded as belonging to the Sant tradition.
Guru Nanak DevSikhIslam and SikhismSikhism

Question 2: 1806 - September 18, 1931) was a ________ Muslim saint considered by her followers to be a sadguru or qutub.
Balochistan (Pakistan)Balochistan (region)Baloch peopleAtaullah Mengal

Question 3: Anglican Catholics understand sainthood in a more ________ or Orthodox way, often praying for intercessions from the saints and celebrating their feast days.
BishopEcumenical councilCatholicAnglicanism

Question 4:
What role did Dirk Delcourt play in the movie Saint?

Question 5: [6] In the Church, the title of Saint refers to a person who has been formally canonized (officially recognized) by the Catholic Church, and is therefore to be in ________.

Question 6:
Who played 3 the movie Saint?
Moenen Erbuer
Robrecht De Roock
Olaf Nollen
Moenen Erbuer

Question 7: Some Methodist congregations observe ________ if they follow the liturgical calendar.
All SaintsGermanyItalyHungary

Question 8:
What role did Moenen Erbuer play in the movie Saint?

Question 9:
Who played 6 the movie Saint?
Stijn Wuyts
Robrecht De Roock
Moenen Erbuer
Emile Ringoot

Question 10:
Who played 9 the movie Saint?
Jose Enrique Oña
Robrecht De Roock
Olaf Nollen
Dirk Delcourt

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