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Sailor Uranus: Quiz


Question 1:
What is Sailor Uranus also known as?
Princess Uranus
Princess Mars
Princess Mercury
Princess Natasha Alexandra Mikkosovna Cassadine

Question 2:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of Sailor Uranus?

Question 3:
Sailor Uranus was part of which series?
Rochester won series 4 - 2
Sailor Moon

Question 4: Haruka is a ________ driver, even though she is barely sixteen years old when she appears.
Formula Palmer AudiAuto racingFormula BMWFormula One

Question 5: [12] Sailor Uranus is one of the more aggressive Senshi, and carries the Space Sword, which is one of three talismans carried by the ________.
Sailor Moon (English adaptations)Sailor MercurySailor SenshiSailor Venus

Question 6: The character of Sailor Uranus was not developed until partway through the Sailor Moon series, after the ________ were well-established.
Sailor Moon (English adaptations)Sailor MercurySailor SenshiSailor Venus

Question 7: In the manga, Haruka says that she and Michiru have "wealthy patrons." Haruka is the target of sexism in episode 98 of the anime, but never of ________.
Violence against LGBT peopleTransphobiaHomophobiaBiphobia

Question 8: Notably, they are more overtly friendly and helpful than they had been when they last met and ________ is present (in contradiction of certain events in the third series).
Sailor NeptuneSailor PlutoSailor JupiterSailor Mercury

Question 9: Besides her relationship with Michiru, Haruka is also close friends with Setsuna, because the three of them work closely together as ________.
Sailor SenshiSailor VenusSailor MoonSailor Mercury

Question 10: The Greek dub removed ________ referring to her and Neptune as "Mama" and "Papa" in the Stars season, and simply had her consider Setsuna Meioh her adoptive mother.
Sailor UranusSailor PlutoSailor NeptuneSailor Saturn

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