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Question 1: Every sailing ship has a hull, ________ and at least one mast to hold up the sails that use the wind to power the ship.
Sail-planRiggingFull rigged shipFore-and-aft rig

Question 2: ________ Vessel with two parallel hulls, usually identical or mirror images, linked by beams and deck or 'trampoline', with a central mast.

Question 3: ________, or bark - at least three masts, fore-and-aft rigged mizzen mast
CatboatWindjammerBarqueTall ship

Question 4: In technical terms, a ________ was a sailing vessel with a specific rig of at least three masts, square rigged on all of them, making the sailing adjective redundant.
FeluccaShipFishing vesselHerring Buss

Question 5: ________ vessel with three hulls, the central usually larger, linked by beams and deck.

Question 6: A severe storm could lead to ________, and the loss of all hands.
ScuttlingShipwreckNaval mineWreck diving

Question 7: The crew who sail a ship are called ________ or hands.
Oiler (occupation)SailorThird MateUnited States Merchant Marine

Question 8: ________ - a square-rigged merchant ship of the 1840-50s designed for speedy passages

Question 9: ________ - two masts square rigged (may have a spanker on the aftermost)
Gaff rigFore-and-aft rigBrigFull rigged ship

Question 10: In popular usage "ship" became associated with all large sailing vessels and when ________ came along the adjective became necessary.
Stirling engineReciprocating engineSteam engineHeat engine


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