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Question 1: The Chinese had designed sails around 3,000 BCE, and can still be seen on traditional wooden ships sailing off the coast of Vietnam in ________.
HuanchacoHalong BayArdglassAdan River

Question 2: For purposes of commerce, sails have been greatly superseded by other forms of propulsion, such as the ________.
Internal combustion engineAutomobileStroke ratioSpark-ignition engine

Question 3: The ________ had invented the sail in about 2,000 BCE in an attempt to establish trading routes around the Persian Gulf.
Arab peopleSyriaPalestinian peopleIraq

Question 4: The most familiar type of sailboat, a small pleasure yacht, usually has a ________ called a sloop.
Fore-and-aft rigSail-planFull rigged shipGaff rig

Question 5: Other sail powered machines include ice yachts, windmills, kites, signs, ________, electric generators, windsurfers , and land sailing vehicles.
ParaglidingPowered hang gliderHang glidingWingsuit flying

Question 6: In accordance with the law of ________, air is redirected backwards, making the boat go forward.
Newton's laws of motionMomentumForceClassical mechanics

Question 7: Sail construction is governed by the science of ________.
Bernoulli's principleAerodynamicsNavier–Stokes equationsFluid dynamics

Question 8: Glued sails are regular paneled sails but instead of sewing the pieces together, the sailmaker uses a special, ultra-strong polymer glue which bonds through the use of ________.
UltrasoundLiverAcousticsMedical ultrasonography

Question 9: and ________ or downwind sail (also termed Kite).
Fore-and-aft rigLateenSail-planSpinnaker

Question 10: The earliest known ships were papyrus reed boats built by the ________ around 4,000 BCE.
CairoAncient EgyptCoptEgyptians


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