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Saif: Quiz


Question 1: The sword (or saif) is an important symbol in ________, and is used as a metaphor in many phrases in the Arabic language.
Arab cultureArab peopleArabic musicArabic literature

Question 2: Saif and Saif al Din "Sword of the [Islamic] faith" are also common masculine (and male) ________.
Arabic languageHebrew nameArabic alphabetArabic name

Question 3: A saif (from ________ سيف, literally 'sword') also Saif, Sayf, Seif is a curved Arabian sword.
Arabic languageModern Standard ArabicAncient North ArabianEgyptian Arabic

Question 4: These swords are the early medieval era Arabian swords, which are straight, short and double edged, much like the Late Roman ________.
Byzantine EmpireRoman military personal equipmentSpathaGladius

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