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Saguna brahman: Quiz


Question 1: He is not affected even when he appears in this world as he controls the effects of his own maya ________.
ShaktismGaneshaShaktiShakti Peethas

Question 2: Saguna Brahman of the various schools of Vaishnavism means ________ with infinite attributes, including form.
MysticismĀstika and nāstikaBrahmanMonotheism

Question 3: It is also understood that worshippers of a particular personal form of God or Goddess as supreme may see other personal forms as plenary portions or expansions or aspects of ________.
Āstika and nāstikaMonotheismMysticismBrahman

Question 4: ________, the collection of deities in the hindu pantheon of gods, is not saguna brahman as popularly miscontrued.
RamakrishnaAdi ShankaraHiranyagarbhaVyasa

Question 5: "The Absolute with qualities"[1]) came from the Sanskrit saguṇa (सगुण) "with qualities" and ________ (ब्रह्मन्) "The Absolute".
Āstika and nāstikaMysticismMonotheismBrahman

Question 6: Goddess Shakti (or ________, Kali, Gayatri etc.) is seen as the Saguna Brahman in Shaktism.

Question 7: The personal form indicated is generally Narayana, or ________, or Vishnu.
Bhagavad GitaKrishnaBalaramaVyasa

Question 8: Practically all schools of ________ adhere to this viewpoint.
HinduismBhagavad GitaKrishnaVaishnavism

Question 9: According to ________ as taught by Sankara, saguna brahman refers to the lord identical with his own infinite jnanam.
VedantaAdvaita VedantaVyasaVishishtadvaita

Question 10: Sankara refers to him by names such as Narayana, ________ and Vasudeva as specified in the vedas and upanishads.
VishnuAvatarVishnu sahasranamaKrishna

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