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Sago: Quiz


Question 1: This process is called ________ and helps to bind the fibre, give it a predictable slip for running on metal, standardise the level of hydration of the fibre, and give the textile more body.
PapermakingDesizingSizingTextile manufacturing

Question 2: Sago starch is used to make ________, paper, ethanol, high fructose glucose syrup, maltodextrin, cyclodextrin and monosodium glutamate.
Hot melt adhesiveAdhesivePolymerPolyurethane

Question 3: In Indonesia and Malaysia, sago is a main staple of many traditional communities in New Guinea, ________, Maluku, and Sumatra.
SabahBorneoSoutheast AsiaKota Kinabalu

Question 4: In ________, pearl sago is called javvarisi, or sabudana ("whole grain") and is used in a variety of dishes such as desserts boiled with sweetened milk on occasion of religious fasts.
IndiaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 5: Pearl sago, a commercial product, closely resembles pearl ________.
Brazilian cuisineBananaTapiocaCassava

Question 6: Sago looks like many other ________, and both sago and tapioca are produced commercially in the form of "pearls".

Question 7: Consumption of cycad seeds has been implicated in the outbreak of Parkinson's Disease-like neurological disorder in ________ and other locations in the Pacific.
TuvaluPalauMarshall IslandsGuam

Question 8: It is then dried and cooked, producing a ________ similar to tapioca or palm sago.

Question 9: It is also used commercially in making noodles and white ________.
RiceMedieval cuisineBreadBreakfast

Question 10: The sago palm, Metroxylon sagu, is found in tropical lowland forest and freshwater swamps across Southeast Asia and ________ and is the primary source of sago flour.
PalauNew CaledoniaNiueNew Guinea

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