Sage: Quiz

Question 1:
What role did Sage play in the movie Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig?
Seaman Jake Mitchell
Sheriff's Deputy #2
Marine Lt. Ford

Question 2: ________, open-source mathematics software system written in Python
PARI/GPMathematicaSage (mathematics software)Maple (software)

Question 3: Tetradymia canescens (Spineless Horsebrush, informally called Black Sage), a shrub of the sunflower family ________
Flowering plantSenecio vulgarisAsteraceaePlant

Question 4: ________, automated 1950s-era control system for tracking enemy bombers
Whirlwind (computer)Semi Automatic Ground EnvironmentF-101 VoodooAN/FSQ-7

Question 5: ________, a suburban private school located in Foxboro, MA serving children grades Pre-K-8
ChemistryThe Sage SchoolScienceScientific method

Question 6: ________, a study run by the World Health Organization
Global Ageing SurveyChinese Health and Retirement SurveyGlobal Action on AgingStudy on Global Ageing and Adult Health

Question 7: Sage, a Blue Sentient from the TV show ________
Brian DrummondHot Wheels AcceleRacersHot Wheels Battle Force 5Storm Hawks

Question 8: Sage, a recurring character class in the ________ series
Final Fantasy (video game)Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy

Question 9: One of the 7 Oceans in ________
Alchemy (game)BejeweledChuChu Rocket!Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates

Question 10: ________, a comic book superhero, X-Men member
Sage (comics)Hellfire Club (comics)Nightcrawler (comics)Psylocke

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