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Safety bicycle: Quiz


Question 1: Its popularity soon grew to be more than the penny farthings and tricycles combined, and caused the ________ of the 1890s.
Bike boomVelocipedeBicycleNishiki (bicycle)

Question 2: Compared with the ________ of the time, popular with riders less willing to take risks, the safety bicycles were lighter, mechanically more simple, and less expensive.
Freight bicycleHuman-powered transportTricycleCycle rickshaw

Question 3: Safeties are characterized by having two ________ of identical - or nearly identical - size, and a chain-driven rear wheel.

Question 4: The most popular form of the safety ________, consisting of two triangles, is known as a diamond frame.
Bicycle suspensionRacing bicycleBicycle frameBicycle and motorcycle dynamics

Question 5: The smaller wheel gave a harder ride; once ________ were developed and replaced the previously used solid ones, this disadvantage was no longer an issue.
AutomobileParking brakeTireAirbag

Question 6: The safety bicycle was a big improvement on the previous ________ design which it replaced.
UnicycleBicycle brake systemsPenny-farthingJames Starley

Question 7: The ________ upright bicycle is used to distinguish the style from recumbent bikes.
United StatesRetronymVenezuelaBroadcast syndication

Question 8: A safety bicycle is a type of ________ that became very popular beginning in the late 1880s as an alternative to the penny-farthing or ordinary and is now the most common type of bicycle.
BicycleRecumbent bicycleUnicycleBicycle trailer


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