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Question 1: A new age in ________ began with the rise of the Safavid dynasty.
Chinese architectureOttoman architectureIranian architectureIwan

Question 2:
What type of government does Safavid dynasty have?
Confederate Monarchy
Constitutional monarchy and Limited Parilamentary Government
Monarchy until 1795, Principality from 1795 to 1803, zamindari from 1803

Question 3:
What religion does Safavid dynasty adhere to?

Question 4:
Safavid dynasty, Abbas I of Persia and Ismail I are all:
Al-Moussawi family 1736 disestablishments Alid dynasties Safavids

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Ceiling painting of Shah Abbas I entertaining guests. Chehel Sotoun, Isfahan.
  The Battle between Shah Ismail and Abul-khayr Khan.
  Shah Suleiman I and his courtiers, Isfahan, 1670. Painter is Ali Qoli Jabbador, and is kept at The St. Petersburg Institute of Oriental Studies in Russia, ever since it was acquired by Tsar Nicholas II. Note the two Georgian figures with their names at the top left.
  The Battle between Shah Ismail and Abul-khayr Khan.

Question 6: What does the following picture show?

  Shāh Ismāil's empire
  The map of Safavid Empire in 1720, showing different states of Persia.
  Shah Abbas I of Safavid at a banquet. Detail from a ceiling fresco; Chehel Sotoun Palace; Isfahan.
  Naqshe Jahan square in Isfahan is the epitome of 16th-century Iranian architecture. .

Question 7:
What is Safavid dynasty's current status?
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Client state of the French Empire
Member of German Empire

Question 8:
What region does Safavid dynasty belong to?
Carlton County
Middle East
South East England

Question 9:
Safavid dynasty, Mughal Empire and Abbasid Caliphate are all:
Safavids Muslim history Former empires Muslim dynasties

Question 10: In the 10th and 11th centuries the Buwayhids, who were of the Zaidiyyah branch of Shia, ruled in Fars, Isfahan and ________.


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