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Sadness: Quiz


Question 1: The philosopher ________ defined sadness as the transfer of a person from a large perfection to a smaller one.
Baruch SpinozaImmanuel KantRené DescartesMonism

Question 2: [1] The greater degree to which a person's pupil's mirror another predicts a person's greater score on ________.

Question 3: ________ of sadness with small pupils are judged significantly more intensely sad with decreasing pupil size.
EmotionPaul EkmanFacial expressionMuscle

Question 4: Sadness is an ________ characterized by feelings of disadvantage, loss, and helplessness.
Positive psychologyEvolutionary psychologyEmotionPsychology

Question 5: When sad we often go through a process called crying where we shed ________.
Nasolacrimal ductTearsEmotionKeratoconjunctivitis sicca

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