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  • the story of Sada Abe, a woman who cut off her dead lover's genitals and carried them around with her for days, is one of Japan's most notorious scandals?

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Question 1:
When was Sada Abe born?

Question 2: As the mistress of a "serious man" she referred to in her memoirs as "Y", she moved first to Ibaraki Prefecture and then to ________.
TokyoSaitama, SaitamaSaitama PrefectureTochigi Prefecture

Question 3:
What did Sada Abe do for a living?
Prostitute, madam, landowner, proprietor
Morgana's personal maid
geisha, prostitute, maid, author, actress, waitress

Question 4: [9] As she became more irresponsible and uncontrollable, her parents sold her to a geisha house in ________ in 1922, hoping to find her a place in society with some direction.

Question 5: [35] She planned to commit suicide one week after the murder, and practiced ________.

Question 6: On May 11, 1936, she pawned some of her clothing and used the money to buy some ________ and a kitchen knife.

Question 7: 1975 - ________'s A Woman Called Sada Abe was released, for a Japan-only audience, but was overshadowed internationally by its more explicit successor that came out the following year.
Yasuharu HasebeTatsumi KumashiroNoboru TanakaChūsei Sone

Question 8: [9] When the film In the Realm of the Senses was being planned in the mid 1970s, director Nagisa Oshima apparently sought out Abe and, after a long search, found her, her hair shorn, in a ________ nunnery.
TokyoJapanNara PrefectureKansai region

Question 9: Though the prosecution demanded ten years, and Abe claimed that she desired the death penalty, she was in fact sentenced to just six years in ________.
United KingdomUnited StatesPrisonCapital punishment

Question 10: Angry that he had implied that the book was based on interviews he had made with her, Abe sued the author, Ichiro Kimura, for libel and ________.
DefamationFalse lightHazingFair comment

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