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Sacred Mysteries: Quiz


Question 1: [2] The Sacraments, or Sacred Mysteries are the most important means by which the faithful may obtain union with God, provided they are received with ________ after appropriate preparation.

Question 2: Thus, for instance, the ________ declared there to be exactly seven sacraments.
First Council of NicaeaCatholic ChurchCouncil of ChalcedonCouncil of Trent

Question 3: In the ________ they were kept hidden from the pagans — the so-called Disciplina arcani — lest they become objects of ridicule.
Biblical canonCrusadesEast–West SchismEarly Christianity

Question 4: The word mysterion (μυστήριον) is used 27 times in the ________.
GospelBiblical canonNew TestamentJesus

Question 5:
Sacred Mysteries, Mass (liturgy) and Last Supper are all:
All pages needing cleanup Mystery religions Eastern Christian liturgy Sacraments

Question 6:
Sacred Mysteries, Seven deadly sins and Byzantine Empire are all:
Mystery religions Christian terms Eastern Christian liturgy All pages needing cleanup

Question 7: The terms Sacrament and Sacramental are terms which the Western Church has carefully defined in ________.
Natural lawRoman lawCanon law (Catholic Church)Canon law

Question 8: They included ________, Mithraism, the Cult of Isis, and the Cult of Sol Invictus.
Religion in ancient GreeceEleusinian MysteriesPolytheismImperial cult (ancient Rome)

Question 9: However, the redemption of man is not considered to have taken place only in the past, but continues to this day through ________.
Orthodox ChurchJustification (theology)TheosisBaptism

Question 10: The ________, in contrast, have never defined the Mysteries in such precise terms.
Orthodox ChurchEast–West SchismSaint Thomas ChristiansEastern Christianity


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