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Sacraments of the Catholic Church: Quiz


Question 1: Only a bishop or ________ is enabled to be a minister of the Eucharist, acting in the person of Christ himself.
PriestLutheranismPsalmsLiturgical book

Question 2: [1] The Sacraments Through the Ages produced by ________ hosted by Fr.
Public Broadcasting ServiceFox Broadcasting CompanyTrinity Broadcasting NetworkEternal Word Television Network

Question 3: So important is it that participation in the Eucharistic celebration (see Mass) is seen as obligatory on every Sunday and ________ and is recommended on other days.
Stole (vestment)Liturgical coloursRoman Catholic theologyHoly Day of Obligation

Question 4: When, in the Western Church, the sacrament was conferred only on those in immediate danger of death, it came to be known as "________", i.e.
Eastern Catholic ChurchesAnointing of the Sick (Catholic Church)Confirmation (Catholic Church)Catholic Church

Question 5: Exposition: Bishop, priest, or deacon (see ________)
Eucharistic adorationRoman Catholic devotions to Jesus ChristSacred HeartCatholic devotions

Question 6: Holy Orders is the sacrament by which a man is made a bishop, a priest, or a ________, and thus dedicated to be an image of Christ.
Stole (vestment)Liturgical bookVestmentDeacon

Question 7: A special case by case faculty from the ________ is normally required to absolve these sins.
Roman CuriaPapal conclavePope Benedict XVIApostolic Penitentiary

Question 8: Baptism makes the person share in the Trinitarian life of God through "________," (the grace of justification that incorporates the person into the body of Christ and his Church), also making the person a sharer in the priesthood of Christ.
ArminianismCatholic ChurchDivine graceProtestant Reformation

Question 9: The ________ is the sacrament (the third of Christian initiation, the one that, as stated in CCC 1322, "completes Christian initiation") by which Catholics partake of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and participate in his one sacrifice.
Sacramental breadEucharistic theologyEucharistTransubstantiation

Question 10: Distribution: Bishop, priest, or deacon (see ________)
Eucharistic theologyEucharistSacramental breadTransubstantiation


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